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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our organization prides itself on its vast diversity, with 30% of our members hailing from non-Hispanic backgrounds. Any student of Rutgers-Newark, regardless of their race, creed, nationality, religion, etc. is encouraged to apply & become a part of the ALPFAmilia.

This is a common misconception that spawned from ALPFA originally standing for "American Latino Professions in Finance & Accounting." However, as time progressed, in 2010, the name was changed to "American Latino Professionals for America" to be more inclusive to professionals from all industries. Our club is most certainly welcome to any major that wants to develop their leadership skills & professional development. We have partnered with numerous companies from various areas such as technology, consulting, marketing, etc.

One of the greatest assets to our club is the existence of committees. In the variety of our divisions, we have committees led by the Vice Presidents in charge of them. A member can apply to these committees and gain skills relevant to them, as well as leadership skills.

What a committee member entails is assisting the Vice Presidents in their duties established by ALPFA. Therefore, it is imperative for the member to be attentive to their VP's demands & always participate in the required meetings.

Applications to become a committee member can be accessed here

To accommodate this virtual environment, we will conduct our meetings via Zoom. Information regarding our virtual events will be distributed to each member through our newsletter and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Join us to learn more about how you can get involved!

ALPFA offers two types of student memberships, the Basic Membership, which is free, and the Premium Membership, which is a $30 payment annually.

  • Basic Membership gets you:
    • Access to local student chapter networking events, receptions, and programs.
    • Discounts for the National Convention.
    • Eligible to apply to ALPFA's Academic Scholarship Programs.
    • Eligible for ALPFA KPMG case study competition at selected schools.
    • Eligible for Deloitte Tech competition at the National Convention.
    • Discount on ALPFA’s Annual Convention pricing.
  • Premium Membership gets you:
    • All Basic Membership benefits included.
    • Free access to our northeast regional symposium
    • Access to professional chapter networking events, receptions, and other programs.
    • ALPFA eNews: biweekly member newsletter.
    • Post your resume and search jobs and internships on ALPFA's online Career Center.

To be considered to join the E-board, you must maintain a GPA of 3.0, serve as a committee member for at least one full semester and be able to serve on the E-board for a full academic year.

Applications to become an E-board member are typically released in mid-April.