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Be Part of the Alpfamilia

Here at ALPFA Rutgers-Newark, we are not only a professional organization, but a community. Our support for one another goes beyond our work. In your ALPFA journey, you will build lifelong relationships with other diverse members. This isn’t your typical “filler for your resume”, but actually an opportunity to be part of something impactful.

Our members are at the core of what we do. Join our Committees and gain real-life experience to add to your repertoire.

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Professional Development

Take your skills to the next level. Whether you’re struggling to speak to a recruiter or need a judge-free space to practice your elevator pitch, ALPFA is here to help. We pride ourselves in getting you acclimated to make the first interaction with your ideal employer and walking away with confidence.

Build on your skills with our valuable resources:

Office Hours

Meet with our industry-experienced Executive Board to help with resume review, interview practice, and coaching.

Professional Development Workshops

Refine your soft and technical skills set with our professional development workshops.

Case Competitions

Gain experience in problem solving with our consulting team.

Mentorship Program

Get paired with an experienced professional to help guide your career path for the academic-year and beyond.

Our Committees

Events Committee

Nicole Sales | VP of Events

  • Collaboratively brainstorm to come up with new creative events for our chapter both professionally and socially
  • Work closely with professionals via email and phone calls
  • Learn how to effectively communicate professionally and build relationships
"If you have great organizational and people skills then this is the committee for you!!"

Consulting Committee

Derek Miranda | VP of Consulting

  • Become part of a close-knit community passionate about management consulting.
  • The opportunity to receive training in succeeding a case interview to set yourself up for an offer with a consulting firm.
  • The ability to make an impact by assisting in the planning and execution of consulting events and initiatives.
  • Get access to our existing network of professionals from top consulting firms such Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, and more.

Community Outreach Committee

George Calle | VP of Community Outreach

  • Participate in Community Outreach events (in-person & virtual)
  • Recruit Volunteers for ALPFA Community Outreach events
  • Brainstorm ideas for initiatives/events
  • Engage in team meetings to discuss events and personal professional development
  • Communicate with both students and professionals about events/updates
  • Drafting forms for event registration and other matters

Member Relations Committee

Melody Mejia | VP of Member Relations

  • Manage new member sign-ups
  • Help implement strategies to help increase memberships.
  • Help maintain good relationships with professionals, especially recruiters.
  • Most importantly, we manage both the Unilever Mentorship Program and ALPFA-RUN’s yearly Mentor-Mentee Program.
"Since Member Relations manages the mentorship programs, there are many interactions with professionals involved with the role, which is always helpful when looking to increase your network!""

Professional Development Committee

Anthony Gomez | VP of Professional Development

  • Assist with coordinating logistics for upcoming Professional Development events, such as communicating with recruiters/students/professionals
  • Develop your public speaking and communications skills by engaging with a series of professionals and other chapter members
  • Assist in the planning of ALPFA's upcoming Professional Development Tech Series
  • Be a part of the first-ever Professional Development committee at ALPFA Rutgers - Newark
  • Build strong relationships with alumni, professionals, and recruiters in all industries

Marketing Committee

Ingrid Gres | VP of Marketing

Social Media Coordinator

  • Scheduling posts on all Social Media Platforms
  • Engaging with followers on all social media platforms
  • Creating captions
  • Posting Instagram stories
Content Creator
  • - Creating and editing flyers for events
  • - Creating Instagram stories
  • - Working on creative and unique content
Campaign Coordinator
  • Creating and editing our "Opportunities" Newsletter
  • OR
  • Creating and editing our "Club Events" Newsletter
Tik Tok Content Creator
  • Keeping track of Tik Tok trends we can do
  • Editing Tik Toks
  • Making Tik Toks

IT Committee

Alan Daiz | VP of IT

  • Maintenance of our website through HTML5, CSS3 (Bootstrap Framework), Javascript
  • Automating several tasks in our organization
  • Integration of our membership database from Google Sheets to SQL

Fundraising Committee

VP of Fundraising

  • Help plan and carry out fundraising to meet ALPFA's goal.
  • Work directly with vendors, the Office of Student Life and Leadership and other companies
  • Collaborate with the finance committee
  • Develop leadership skills and coordinate fundraising initiatives with professionals and companies

Finance Committee

Zarafshan Rizwan

  • Strategize, develop, and execute fundraising initiatives to generate funds
  • Work at events / projects to raise funds through virtual bake sales, external partnerships with local businesses and companies
  • Work with an allocated budget overarching scholarship goals for the year.
  • Work to maintain an active and updated Members Point System
  • Expected to actively attend committee meetings, provide individual opinion/perspectives

Join a Comittee Now!


Melanie Posso

IFS Start Intern Summer 2020 @ PWC

When I saw the members in ALPFA who looked like me, spoke like me, and were from the same places as me getting internships and full-time opportunities in corporate America, it inspired me to work just as hard. ALPFA has a minority representation in Fortune 500 companies that do not make you feel like you’re incapable of achievements like them.

Leighton Alarcon

Audit & Assurance Intern Summer 2020 @ Deolitte

When I first was introduced to ALPFA I realized quickly that this was the platform that would help me grow professionally. Little did I know that ALPFA and the E-board members I am privileged to call friends would have a profound impact on my personal growth. Due to all of the events, professional development, industry exposure, and the family culture that ALPFA emanates are the reasons why my confidence to succeed in my career is at an all-time high. Thank you to the incredible team I have, and thank you to the organization that provides us with so much support. #ALPFAmilia

Melody Mejia

Launch Intern Summer 2020 @ EY

I transferred to Rutgers Business School towards the end of my sophomore year. Two weeks into the semester, I became an ALPFA member. I didn’t do it because of the amazing resources available to its members; I did it because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to make friends. Not only did I make friends, but I also became a part of the ALPFAmilia. My favorite thing about ALPFA was how diverse AND inclusive the environment is. Later on, I decided to join the consulting committee, where I learned soft and analytical skills. Now I am on the 2020-2021 Executive Board! I also got an internship with EY through ALPFA for summer 2020 and was offered to return for summer 2021! This organization allowed me to pursue many opportunities, and I want the same for YOU.